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Printer Gearless Orchestra 8 Colors

General Features:

The Printer Gearless Orchestra 8 Colors has been developed integrating the latest in technology and components from the world flexographic machine industry. The same account with drive through servomotors, quick change system of plate sleeves and anilox sleeves, integration of “pre-release” system of the same, units positioned by CNC control, mandrels, system of passage of motorized material, system of “Pre-positioning” of recipes and mechanical speed of 500 m / min.

Thus is made available to flexible packaging converters a equipment which achieves excellent printing qualities, high productivity, ease of operation and maintenance, and a large reduction in set-up times.

    • Width: 900, 1100, 1300 mm;
    • Printing step: from 400 mm to 900 mm;
    • Mandrels;
    • Shirts made of carbon fiber;
    • Camera doctor blade 5 “quick change;
    • Video Inspection System;
    • Pre-positioning system of formats;
    • Monitoring cameras;
    • Motorized coil lift;
    • Air conditioning electrical panels;
    • Remote access via ethernet;
    • High-performance ethernet powerlink network;
    • Equipment according to NR12;
    • System of passage of motorized material;
    • Software that allows the storage of revenues;
    • Electronically controlled print pressure adjustment, through step motors;
    • Central drum deceleration brake at emergency stops or material breakage.



Printer Group:
  • Structure of the GG30 cast iron block group, with a thickness of 120 mm;
  • Central drum with direct driver;
  • Ball spindles and linear guides, being the same: double of the side of drive and simple of the side of the control and positioned in the outside of the structure of the machine;
  • Electronically controlled lateral registration through step motors and longitudinal registration by servo motors;
  • Color stations positioned by computerized numerical control (CNC);
  • Automatic lubrication of central drum bearings.


System for “Pre-Scaring” of Sleeves:
  • By means of the ejector arm, the sleeves are moved from the original working position, thus making the exchange process much easier and more agile.


Control Center:
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI);
  • Video-scan monitor;
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) viscometer;
  • Monitor camera monitoring machine.


  • Simple or through automatic exchange;
  • Maximum coil diameter: 1000 mm;
  • Maximum coil weight: 500 kg;
  • Two-sided cutting and splicing system;
  • Automatic stop of equipment due to material rupture;
  • Automatic shutdown of the equipment at the end of the feed material;
  • Coil feed system through motorized lift.


  • Simple or through automatic exchange;
  • Maximum coil diameter: 1000 mm;
  • Maximum coil weight: 500 kg;
  • Refrigerated double calender, driven by motor C.A. and frequency inverter;
  • Coil removal system through motorized lift.
  • 4 functions for automatic coil change:
    • Manual;
    • Automatic by meters;
    • Automatic by diameter;
    • Sequential.

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